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Try it yourself - Glam Edition - by Simi Chawla

An easy step-by-step tutorial to follow for makeup lovers or even beginners; the key to achieving the look as similar as shown in the pictures, is to purchase the same products. The finishing of these products are both friendly for oily and dry skin making it a perfect blend to sit on top of your face. As much as you follow the steps, remember makeup is a form of art, what may work for me may not work for you. Find your balance and have fun! Even add colours to spice it up – I keep it pretty bland because its my preference. This feature can give you the perfect glow if you combine it with your own touch…

Start the process by moisturising your face with your favourite primer. The first step will always be: the eyebrows.

Fill them in using any eyebrow pomade of eyeshadow like me if you are a lil’ ratchet.

Conceal around the brow to snatch the shape and blend with any blending brush. Also don’t forget to hide those spots/scars with the same light shade!


· No.7 Foundation

· Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Next, using a concealer, conceal the ‘problem areas’. This can be different for anyone – for me it is my under eyes and above my lips.

It covers hyperpigmentation, however if after this step you can still see your dark circles, try colour correcting! Any red toned one underneath will do the job.


· LA Girl Pro Conceal

· LA Girl Colour Corrector (optional)

Arguably the most important ingredient to the perfect look – Wispy Lashes.

Any lash that has a curl and gives you the cat eye look is what we are after. Natural lashes are also good but for this look we need out eyes to look hypnotising..


· Pretty Little Thing Lashes

Put all of these together and you have the final result! Of course, play around with the highlight and blushes too. To cater to the lips, all you need to do is pair it up with a light pink/brown (depending on your skin tone.) If you have darker undertones like me, a brown would compliment you more. A pink is for more olive tones…

A quick tip – to give yourself a natural face lift with makeup, apply blush higher up, closer to your eyes. Apply your bronzer just as high and your highlight close to your temples. You can also apply highlight under your eyebrows to give your face a more bony structure. I skip nose contourbecause I don’t like the illusion of a skinnier nose but by all means do you!

Always set your makeup either with a setting spray or with loose setting powder. I have combination skin (both dry and oily) so setting spray works better for me; if you have oily skin a loose matte powder should work better!

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