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Are you a budding author? Submit your short stories to IKB Insider -

Hi! I’m Jaanvi Nayee. I am a journalism student at Brunel University and editor for feature and short stories. I am 18 years old and hope to become a website journalist in the future, professionally.
I enjoy writing both feature stories and fictional stories, so I had the idea to do both. My passion has and will always be writing, creative writing in particular. Short Stories is a space on IKB Insider where you can read and write any type of short stories you want - within reason of course! Explore your inner writer and reader at your own leisure. Email me your stories for publication at
My first story is called Estranges. If you are a fellow reader like myself and want a part two, please interact with the story using the like and comment section! This goes for any future stories too. Enjoy!
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