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Money Heist - one to watch

The suspense of whether or not the team will complete the heist and how every step has been planned is what makes the Spanish show, Money Heist, so compelling.

Whenever you are sure this is the time they will get caught, there is a flashback of them already thinking about the ways to outsmart authority. After the first episode, I was completely hooked and amazed how smart the Professor is. He never disappoints and my brain sometimes cannot comprehend how he manages to think of every single little detail.

The show follows a group of people, with cities from around the world as names (as they’re not supposed to know each other's real names) and the leader, the Professor, organises the whole heist with his brother. Throughout the series, you get flashbacks of the team organising how they want to complete the heist and who will do what. Then it will return to the present time and show us how it pans out in real life. You get given romance, thrill and a family you wish you were a part of.

Overall, if you want a show with both lovable and hateable characters, twists and turns you did not see coming, then this is the show to watch. I can’t wait for the final season to be released to see how the characters' journey ends.

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