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The title may not float everyone's boat, but 'How To Get Away with Murder' is a show with a killer plot that is likely to keep you watching until the very end.

The sixth season series is based on a spine-chilling thriller tv series with the lead of Annalise Keating, a university professor and defence attorney, played by Viola Davis.

Overall, the cliff-hangers in every episode, with the slow mysteries unravelling, will have you hooked onto the show without a doubt, although sometimes it gets so technical, you need a minute to breathe.

The extremely talented actors play their roles so well, you forget they’re celebrities. Asher Millstone is a particular favourite of mine. He comes from the worlds of ivy leagues and club memberships and his humour is a breath of fresh air in the tense series. He is an upper-class know it all - but Annalise knows some truths about him which shock the rest of the students. Trust me, he will grow on you too.

I admire the authentic representation of ethnic minorities in this series. This is shown through the main character Annalise Keating who is a black female. Not only does she break female stereotypes through her status and power, she has an ongoing battle to defeat racism in the legal work field. She is a clear representation of determination. Annalise does not let anything get in her way, and her determination carries the show.

Most characters struggled through their early life, Annalise was abused by her father; Michaela Pratt (Annalise’s student) was abandoned by her mother. During the series characters suffer from mental health issues resulting in suicide, and they represent normal day to day emotions that all humans feel. This makes the character so relatable, attaching the bond between the audience and each character.

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