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How are you keeping busy in lockdown?

BY Jaanvi Nayee

How have you kept yourself busy over lockdown?

In the UK we have been in and out of lockdown for almost a year now, which means more people spending time at home, but how have you kept yourself busy? A few first-year students of Brunel University have spoken about their lockdown experience.

Simi Chawla, 19, London, student:

“I am a very sporty and artistic person. So, I have been training every Thursdays and Fridays for Athletics. But because of lockdown, I can’t go to my athletics centre at the moment, so I’ve had to improvise at home and at my local park.

I also love painting and drawing; I’ve done some projects over lockdown. My boyfriend's birthday is coming up so I’m doing a surprise canvas for him! (I’ll include some pictures of the progress

Day to day life just seems the same, the same day repeats itself. So mental health is something I struggle with immensely, however these hobbies of mine distract me sometimes.

I haven’t picked up a NEW skill per se, but I definitely have been cooking a lot more around the house.”

Left: Simi's picture

Desirée Torres, 24, Uxbridge, student and part-time working:

“Reading and working out have been my lifesaver during lockdown. The beginning of the third lockdown was a bit harder than the others. I got overwhelmed by everything that was happening in my life at that moment and started to get anxiety attacks again.

Every time I was feeling down, I forced myself to read or work out, and to be honest it did not always work, but it definitely helped me to stay focused and calm sometimes. I haven't really picked up a new skill, I just started to work out regularly.”

Right: Desirée out for a walk during lockdown

Jordan Hayter, 19, Bridport, student:

“I have mainly been watching things, movies, TV shows etc but I’ve also been doing a lot of home workouts and online cheer training to keep me active.

The main thing that has changed is that I try and find things to do more often as I don’t leave the house at all.”

Left: Jordan before the virus

Andrea Jenkins, 19, Watford, student

“Before uni started, I read a lot and caught up on tv shows I missed. After uni started, it kept me busy with work. I’ve spent more time with my family which was nice, but I haven’t picked up a new skill. My day-to-day life hasn’t changed that much but I’m trying to wake up earlier and exercise more.”

Left: Andrea Jenkin’s cupcakes made with her family

Edna Pinto, 18, London, Journalism student:

“I haven’t really been productive if I’m being honest. I haven’t been able to find a hobby, I’m actually interested in.

I would say I do interact with friends a lot less now that I can’t see them face to face.

"I don’t know if this is really considered a new skill, but I started reading recently.” -Edna Pinto, 18

Mahdiyyah Ahmed, 18, Brighton, student:

“I keep myself busy by socialising with the people I safely can do so with- my nine flatmates. I like to watch films and tv shows to kill time on a rainy day, but when the sun comes out, I like to make the most of the fresh air and sun light by going for long walks with my flatmates. As we can’t go out it is hard to fulfil the nightlife, I was hoping for at uni, so me and my flat mates like to have fun nights where we dress up and have a couple of drinks together. These are just a few of my favourite things I have done to keep myself occupied.

Life has definitely changed in comparison to what it was, however, I feel like I have adapted to the pandemic and I transitioned into an adult. I am more independent as I live on my own.

One of the biggest skills I have learnt is maintaining financial stability all alone in London, with no financial guidance. This has definitely changed my life for the better.”

Right: photo taken by Mahdiyyah Ahmed on a walk during lockdown

Taaseen Choudhury, 19, Luton, student:(left)

“Over lockdown I have been keeping myself occupied by binge watching Star Wars after recently picking up a fascination for the movies over lockdown.

I’ve found myself not taking part in sports as regularly as I used to before lockdown. No new skills.”

How have you dealt with this lockdown? Email IKB Insider to share.

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