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Hillingdon Council announces reopening of golf courses


The science behind the Government’s reasoning for outdoor activities returning sooner was because of the reduced risk of spreading coronavirus outside.

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi further explained, “The simple way to look at this is that outdoor is safe and therefore we prioritise versus indoor.”

Almost a month later and the several golf courses around the Uxbridge area are set to reopen despite the guidelines set by these businesses that had kept their customers socially distant and safe from each other before the lockdown was enforced.

Precautions such as socially distanced tables and outdoor seating for up to a maximum of six people are precautions taken from the General Manager of Uxbridge Golf Club, Will Gallagher. These were just a few examples of which he included in his recent Coronavirus update found on the Uxbridge Golf webpage.

Welsh Football Pundit Robbie Savage took to Twitter to share his confusion on the Government's easing of lockdown restrictions. Savage aimed his comment towards Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock as he said: “8th March schools reopen, youngsters mixing in school buses, in classrooms, at break, after school, going home to families, would have been indoor most of the day, but are only allowed to resume grassroots sports OUTDOORS wait for it three weeks later”.

A COVID-19 Response published by the Cabinet Office earlier last month explained the science behind the roadmap out of lockdown. “In implementing this plan, we will be guided by data, not dates, so that we do not risk a surge in infections.”

However, the government has fallen victim to huge amounts of pressure over the past year concerning the handling of schools across the UK and the return of students into classrooms.

As of Monday morning, residents will be able to take part in formally-organised activities in these golf courses.

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