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Ginny & Georgia: Avoid At All Costs


If I had known I was going to waste so much valuable time on ‘Ginny & Georgia’, I would have never even considered watching this complete atrocity. This drama series surrounds the arguably complex lives of 15-year-old Virginia ‘Ginny’ Miller and 30-year-old Georgia Miller, an inseparable mother and daughter duo, alongside Ginny’s younger but very wise brother, Austin.

Where do I even begin? Ah yes, the very beginning of this horrific show. The Netflix teen drama show first reveals angsty teen Ginny Miller walking into the stereotypical high school classroom setting; a group of other supposedly 15-year-olds being their rebellious selves. As expected, Ginny is seen timidly observing her surroundings, portraying the ‘new girl’ stereotypical character. If I’m being frank, this whole series is filled with cringe-worthy stereotypes. What stood out to me the most in that scene was some of the clothing choices. To call them questionable is being insanely polite. It’s sickening to think that a middle-aged adult or two thought it was decent to create such a sexual narrative surrounding a group of high schoolers who aren’t anywhere near 18. This certainly explains why 25-year-old adults were cast to play teenagers who are barely going through puberty. The list of stereotypes endlessly continues though, there somehow is a positive light within these 10 episodes. Not only was a teacher reprimanded for his choices in teaching material that screamed racial bias and misogyny, but a heated discussion linked to racial stereotypes was also included in this whirlwind of a teen drama. I will happily applaud Sarah Lampert for being logical, in this perspective at least!

Moral of the story: this pigsty does not deserve your attention. That is about 8 hours of my life I will never have again, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone in the world. ‘Ginny & Georgia’? Correction: ‘Ghastly & Godawful’.

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