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As we race on towards the third season of this immensely popular Netflix Docuseries now dropping in a month’s time, we flashback to the previous two seasons and where this series positioned on our IKB grid.

With mixed reviews on previous Netflix documentary series, executive producer James Gay-Rees delivers an excellently well-crafted 10-piece series where viewers can expect to take the passenger seat into the thrilling world of Formula One.

The first two seasons cover the previous year’s F1 season by going behind the scenes and interviewing the stars. This show is much more than what may seem as an F1 promotional campaign. With an insight into the minds of some of the biggest personalities in the sport, the politics, and the pressure of the sport, Netflix provides viewers with an unfiltered window into the elite level of race car competition. The production quality only adds to the drama and spectacle making the first two chapters of the series very entertaining.

Despite the obvious lack of cooperation between the two biggest names in the sport – Mercedes and Ferrari - this docuseries nevertheless goes onto highlight the stories of the lesser-known stars and history of the sport.

Netflix in collaboration with F1 group have created a remarkable series for fans of all genres.

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