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Do you want the Covid vaccine?

The ‘COVID vaccine’- what do young people think or feel when they hear or read that phrase? Do they instantly reflect on the past year? Do they freeze in fear? Do they squeal in joy? Edna Pinto asked a few students for their views on the Pfizer vaccine and whether they plan on receiving it.

Skye Williams, 18, Journalism student at Brunel said: “I somewhat understand why some people are hesitant towards taking the vaccine due to it being made and distributed so quickly, but I also understand why others will take it. Personally, when it comes to that time, I will be more than willing to take the vaccine. I feel as though it’s time to move on with our lives, we can’t live according to these tough restrictions for much longer.”

Jordan Hayter, 19, Journalism student from Brunel replied: “I would because I feel like it’s not going to cause me harm and could potentially get life back to normal quicker. Who knows, you might need to be vaccinated to go certain places so it’s probably wiser to get it while you can.”

Jessica Pinto, 20, a Tourism, Planning and Management student from North London stated: “I have taken it myself and it feels great. In my personal opinion, getting vaccinated is only a step closer to freedom and normality.”

Jaanvi Nayee, 18, Journalism student at Brunel said: “Yes because if everyone takes the vaccine then this whole pandemic situation will be reduced sooner, and we can return to normality.”

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