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Dark review: A German Stranger Things


Dubbed the German Stranger Things, this heart racing brain-scrambling Netflix series will leave you on the edge of your seat after every episode.

Netflix original: Dark follows the lives of 4 families from a mysterious German town called Winden, whose lives change after a series of events snowball into effect, leaving your mind itching for more. The cleverly written script and timeline of events are filled in over the 3 seasons with attention to each detail it most certainly will leave you in awe. This compelling show entices all types of fanatics with references to philosophical questions/dilemmas, meta-physics, Sci-fi time travel (for the junkies), and a forbidden love.

This mind-bending series is not to be taken lightly though, oh no make no mistake this small little town unravels it’s dark past and future but only in a matter of time; which is working against them. At the centre of this all we follow a young Jonas who is determined to set things right after discovering the ability to time travel via Windens cave systems. He battles having to overcome existential and paradoxical dilemmas always having to choose the fate of the people dearest to him on his shoulders. There is no doubt the tension is deafening as the events take place the repercussions are nail-biting leaving you in suspense at the end of every episode.

Some are calling this the German Stranger things. “If you enjoyed Stranger Things but are actually an adult, then you’ll want to watch Dark, a sophisticated, grown-up, German-language thriller that revels in its own distinct and foreboding vibe” - The Guardian (Lanre Bakare)

This German Sci-fi series is no less than mesmerising, grappling you in from the first episode with its stellar cast and immaculate writing and captivating cinematography accompanied by its sinister-heart-palpitating choice in music the show does not fail to impress. With the options to watch it with subtitles or dubbed, this series should be at the top of everyone’s top 10 list of shows to binge watch during lockdown.

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