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A classic masterpiece

NIVEDITA BHUSHAN tells IKB why "How to Get Away with Murder" is one of her faverourite lockdown series to binge

An enchanted dream to study at a well renowned Philadelphia University and later getting hired for an internship under its prominent law professor and America’s illustrious criminal defence lawyer- should one be asking for more? Although, the portrayal of such a dreamy concept turns into a mysterious nightmare for the hired interns when the series entwines them with murderous plots. Netflix presents to you a classic masterpiece by Peter Nowalk in a drama series named “How to Get Away With Murder”.

The intriguing and spine-chilling web series is an epitome of plot construction and fine storyline with the script being a cherry on top. All the characters were phenomenal and the star cast thoroughly did justice to the screening . Especially, Viola Davis playing protagonist as Annalise Keating. The entire story unravels her journey and battle she fought to attain the identity in a society that judged her on the basis of race, womanhood, conduct and character, ultimately turning her into that one ‘woman of steel’ from whom everybody felt insecure and intimidated.

This series of 6 season with 15 episodes each makes you startle and wooed by the amazing twists and turns to the plot. The one thing that differentiates this series from the rest is its eccentric way of screening, as it captivates your attention by introducing you with the climax right in the beginning of its episodes with an intent to reveal the twist of the plot at the end of the series. The drama takes a relevant toll on your mind, tempting you to sit and do nothing but binge watching it with a large bucket of popcorn.

Although, it can be said that the beginning seemed a bit of a challenge to understand the constructs of the plot as the story starts to twirl around the unintroduced characters, but as the series progresses one certainly grasps the concept and gut of the plot which the director wanted to expound. Thereafter, infusing you with an extravagant vibe of thrill, excitement and entertaining chills.

Overall, the story is a complete roller coaster ride, stressing over the phenomena of ‘stress’ ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ that life throws at you in an unplanned manner and unprepared situations. Therefore, from betrayal, backstabbing , corrupt and egoistic traits of the characters to the culmination of love, bond, purity the series exceptionally covers every aspect it wishes to reverberate on, not to forget the primary aim of bringing justice to the unjust.

To conclude, one must laud the efforts of direction that literally did justice to the genre and the theme, and with a sarcastic viewpoint one could say that they have learned to ‘to get away with the Murder’.

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