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Sainsbury’s workers are ‘safe in Hillingdon’ despite job cuts nationally

Sainsbury jobs in the Hillingdon area are not under threat despite the announcement that hundreds of jobs will be cut nationally by the retailer.

The superstore chain has refused to confirm the total number of roles that will be affected but have confirmed it is in the “finalising consultation process” of new leadership structures.

However, in a statement to IKB Insider in regards to jobs in the Hillingdon borough, a spokesman said: “these areas are not affected by the proposals.”

The superstore chain was bought by Argos in 2016, and this has been cited as the reason behind the decision to cut further jobs - following a cull for more senior roles last year.

The job losses have typically been cited as due to changing customer habits.

After 15 years working for Sainsbury’s and five of those years as CEO, Mike Couple has announced that he will be leaving the position at the end of May 2020.

Soon to be ex-chief executive operator Mike Coupe told colleagues: “We have to adapt to continue to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future and, while change can be hard, it’s also necessary.”

“I’m confident that the changes we’ve announced today will move us forward and deliver a joined-up customer experience across our brands. Thank you for your continued dedication to doing a great job for our customers as we continue with our integration.”

Since the start of this financial year, Sainsbury’s senior leadership team has been reduced by over 20 per cent and bringing together more teams across commercial, retail and finance which will in turn lead to a reduction of hundreds of management roles across the business.

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