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Buckethead offers unique take on Boris Johnson

Lord Buckethead was on fine form as he stood for election once again in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency, giving his unique take on rival candidate Boris Johnson.

Speaking to IKB Insider, Buckethead referred to the prime minister as ‘the honey monster’, suggested he should present Top Gear, and at one point said he was in fact Mr Johnson in disguise.

Asked what he thought of Mr Johnson, Lord Buckethead said: 'Even by our own feeble human standards, he is awful. He’s gathered together these other awful humans to stand next to him in order to make him look better. What he really should be doing is hosting Top Gear.'

Standing as an independent candidate, Lord Buckethead campaigned for voters to tick the Labour box for Ali Milani, in the hope of unseating the leader of the Conservative party.

And asked if he rated Labour’s chances after the exit poll, the entertaining character said: 'Up until an hour ago I thought they were pretty good.'

Lord Buckethead said he would be standing in the constituency for the foreseeable future’ as he continues his election night legacy.

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