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All aboard the party protest bus

The “fck Boris” group bought their party to Uxbridge in the run-up to the General Election. Jade Balmer, second year Politics and History student, joined the parade:

The ‘FCK BORIS’ bus is coming, and everyone is jumping…

On the 16th November, Uxbridge and South Ruislip was flooded with pumping music, kids in orange hats and of course, democracy. The ‘#FCKBORIS’ group had organised a ‘register and rave’ where volunteers (orange hats) marched from Uxbridge to West Drayton and gave out register to vote leaflets. This was the same group who projected ‘Boris is a Wasteman’ on Eton College.

“Filthy piece of toerag” “Queers against Boris” “Tory cuts kill” and “No to Islamophobia”

These are just some of the signs that were paraded for the campaign. Young people danced behind a vintage red bus that boomed iconic protest hits and especially Stormzy’s ‘Vossi Bop’. Though unlike Boris, this bus didn’t have a lie painted across it.

I joined the party parade with the Brunel LGBT society and their chair (and student officer) Cayla Martin. We were interviewed by many news outlets including Vice, The Telegraph and even a French radio station. The whole experience was awe-inspiring; it meant so much to be surrounded by and talking to people my age who cared about politics, it was like revolution speed dating. It also meant a lot as an opening queer individual to protest against our Prime Minister, who has called our community ‘tank top bum boys’.

Though it wasn’t only the LGBT community strutting our way through the streets, Chante Joseph headed the march and stirred chants, she gave direction to the whole march. She hosted music acts when we reached West Drayton where we partied with golden confetti cannons and sparklers when the evening came to close. Music was a huge part of the party, why wouldn’t it be – it’s a party after all! Karim Tha Peasant and Nadia Javed both performed under the sparkling ‘FCK BORIS’ lights, they made our presence very loud and clear. Nadia’s new single ‘I hate Boris’ is also out now!

At the end of the day 2,000 leaflets were handed out. We spoke to people who didn’t think their vote would mean anything. We spoke to people who danced with us in their dressing gowns as we passed their house. We spoke to people who agreed UK politics needed to change. That was our goal, to educate, protest, party and inspire change. You can follow #FCKBORIS group on Facebook, Instagram and twitter and see their events running up to the election.

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