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"Youth Can" encouraging young people to vote on December 12th

Youth Can have been campaigning on Brunel University campus this week to encourage young people to exercise their right to vote.

Eddie Blake, who is one of the coordinators, said: “Youth can is an organisation set up about two months ago by a group of really concerned students and academics and media professionals who were very worried about the potential for the youth vote not to be heard.”

He added: “Our big mission is to try and talk to people who are most marginalised, who are least often listened to and make sure, in this instance they get their vote heard.”

Brunel University lies in Boris Johnson’s constituency in Uxbridge and South Ruislip making it a high profile area to place their vote.

Mr Blake said it is incredibly important for young people to vote especially in this election.

He said: “What is really important to us is that although we obviously have an agenda, we are non-partisan. We are just trying to get people to vote. We are very happy for them to vote how they want to. We want them to educate themselves and do the research but the most significant thing is placing your X on that piece of paper.”

Youth Can aim to encourage young people to have their say on how they want their future to look.

Tom Pearson, who was campaigning with Youth Can and is part of strategy, said: “I think it is important [to vote] because it is about being a citizen, it is about being acknowledging we are a part of something much wider and that this is the way in which you can involve yourself in and engage yourself in the institutions and infrastructure which govern us.”

He continued: “It is an important thing to engage now because the decisions that you will be making now are going to impact us for the next 15/20/25 years.

Students at Brunel University have expressed their views on the importance of voting for their future.

Erin Hall, 20, who studies sociology and media, said: “I feel like a lot of people did not get to vote for Brexit so now people need to have their voices heard so that we can make a change.”

Max Hollands, 20, games design student said he was not intending to vote but was convinced by friends to register. He now thinks that it is important as it makes a difference in our future.

Ellie Baxter, 19, physiotherapy student, said: “This is the most important vote we have in our lifetime and it will affect the future of our NHS our country within the EU education and so many more things. It is important we have our say in our future.”

The general election is on Thursday 12 October with polling stations opening at 7am and closing at 10pm.

To find your nearest polling station visit:

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