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Brunel University hosts its first ever student led performance event

Students danced and sang in front of scores of people as the Antonin Artaud building launched its

first-ever student-led talent show.

‘Arts @ Artaud’ was the first of four live events to ever take place at Brunel University, London.

The night was full of different acts ranging from dance to spoken word and gave people the chance

to view the talent that lays within Brunel.

Yesterday’s turnout for the event was labelled as “very successful” by Arts Events manager Andrew

Smith as 80 people turned up for the event. The event was showcased in Antonin Artaud’s very own

theatre at 7.30pm. The next show is taking place on Wednesday the 20 th of November at the same

time and is set to be a huge delight as Andrew Smith encourages people to, “Come along to the next


Doors are opened to anyone who is willing to present their talents and auditions are held before

every event giving people the chance to promote their speciality. If you would like to be involved in

this brilliant sociable event, you’re urged to contact or come along to

the events and speak directly to the organisers ad there is no entrance fee.

Brunel University takes pride in their students and are willing to support them throughout their

university journey. The university website says: “The staff members here really respect you not just

as a student but as a creative artist, and Brunel is a place where your independent thoughts and

ideas are encouraged and embraced.”

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