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Brunel students warned not to take Halloween too far

Brunel students are warned to be sensible and not take Halloween too far this year.

Brunel's PC Barry Cilia said: "We have students who live on campus and students who live off

campus. If they are off campus they are susceptible to trick or treaters, whilst on campus that is not

going to happen." For students doing trick or treat or pranks he said: "Keep in sensible."

Just three years ago a student got kicked out of his course after a prank that got out of hand.

The Brunel student dressed up as a "killer clown" and started chasing people. When he was

caught he said that it was supposed to be a prank he filmed to put up on his YouTube channel. He

also said that that it was all a prank and everyone involved were his friends.

The outcome for the student was that he got kicked out of university. He was devastated as it was

only meant as a prank, but ended in him ruining his career.

The Killer Clown craze is allegedly back this year. Daily Star reported that a school boy was

chased down the street in Kew Bridges a few weeks ago. The Killer Clown phenomena started in

America after the movie It was shown in the cinemas, and the incidents normally increase in the

run-up to Halloween. Parents are scared the Killer Clowns will return now as It 2 has just been


At the time the Met Police revealed that this was not the only killer clown incident they were

assessing. A few of them met the threshold of a criminal offence. Commander Julian Bennett said:

"Anti-social behaviour can leave people feeling scared, anxious and intimidated and I would urge

those who are causing fear and alarm to carefully consider the impact their actions have on


Brunel University has not had any similar incident since the Killer Clown prank in 2016.

Before Halloween, the police visits local shops to talk to them about the selling of eggs, and other

tricks that can be an issue on the day. They also encourage parents to come with their children

when they go trick or treating.

In addition to this PC Cilia warns students about house security: "It is very important around this

time of year that your houses are secured, even on campus."

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