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Major Uxbridge fireworks display cancelled due to weather

Students were left disappointed after Brunel’s firework display was cancelled this Tuesday because of the extreme weather conditions that had been forecasted.

But the high winds predicted by Titanium Fireworks, the display company Brunel was working with, did not materialize and left students even more upset.

This year was going to mark the 10th year Brunel was hosting the displays. Every year, hundreds of students enjoy an event filled with entertainment, food and activities.

Paul Thomas CBE, Chief Operating Officer said: “The safety of our guests is of paramount importance to us. This has been an incredibly hard decision to take and we apologise to everyone who was looking forward to this year’s event.”

Adel Khan, 22, of Computer Science said: “That is a shame because I was so excited for this and I was going to bring friends from outside of London here.”

(Brunel Fireworks’ display 2018).

Shenna Dara, 20, of Law said: “I was waiting for this day to come since I started university, and I am gutted it has been cancelled and want it to be rescheduled.”

Titanium Fireworks, said heavy winds has been expected on the day and this would pose an unacceptable risk of injury to a large crowd.

The forecast predicted winds of 29 miles per hour between 400-600 feet up in the air, which is the height where the fireworks explode and beyond the maximum safe wind speed.

However, the Met Office weather was as follows: Rains and showers clear slowly south-east, with drier, brighter weather following from the northwest. Brisk winds slowly easing. Cold for all.

Amber Peake, 20, of Journalism said: “This was going to be my first fireworks at Brunel but they cancelled it and I was gutted because I graduate this year. On the day, the weather wasn’t as reported, it wasn’t raining, so I felt really disappointed that I had to get a refund for my ticket.”

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