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Hypnotic Art Installation: Other Spaces

'Other Spaces,’ is a dazzling multi-sensory exploration of light and sound which transports you to the Animal Kingdom.

The trio of installations at 180 The Strand is an exceptional work which uses sound, lighting, and visuals to create an immersive experience altering your perception of life.

This is a joint project between The Store X, The Vinyl Factory, and Paris’s Fondation Cartier Pour L’art Contemporain.

Other spaces feature three large-scale installations by multi-disciplinary collective UVA- Our Time, The Great Animal Orchestra and Vanishing Point.

To begin with, Vanishing Point is an immersive laser installation which uses perspective to reshape and redefine a space, it features beams of white light that are projected into the space from an invisible vanishing point. The artist has uniquely created an atmosphere where it is as if you are surrounded by stars.

Next, ‘The Great Animal Orchestra,’ collaborated with Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, is a soundscape of animal recordings, captured in their natural habitats around the world. The sounds of nature in the heart of London provides a great escape from the busy life.

Finally, ‘Our Time,’ features a newly composed music by Mira Calix, and displays kinetic structures swinging in and out of phase, with while light and sound is projected throughout.

At one point in their show, United Visual Artists makes your stomach turn, the walls of the room collapse around you, and the lights can get too much, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are sensitive to light.

However, the exhibition works so well together as it deals with the human body in different ways, it explores how the body interacts with the space around it and makes you aware of the world we live in.

It is a great exhibition and I hope 180 The Strand continue to facilitate more installations like this.

180 The Strand is a creative hub which was launched in Spring 2016.

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