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Extras Needed for Student Film

Students can get involved in the magical parallel worlds of ‘Doorway’, a dreamlike, ‘Alice in Wonderland’-esque project being filmed here on the Brunel University campus.

Brunel film student Patrícia Borba is looking for people of all ages and walks of life to appear in her dissertation project from 4th - 6th November.

The project explores two parallel realities without the use of CGI. The first world represents our own and is dull, with everyone looking down at the floor. The second is a childhood, dreamlike reality with a circus-like atmosphere. The story follows principle character Elenore as she travels from the first world to the next.

Patrícia is looking for extras for the first world. The role is simple and non-speaking and no previous experience is needed. It will include being present in the background of the film, for example, walking down a street or standing in a coffee line.

All filming will be on the Brunel campus. It is unpaid, but meals will be provided.

Extras will not be necessarily required for the full three days and a filming slot can be given individually to match any schedule. Patrícia is looking for a wide range of ages and ethnicities.

She is also looking for one small speaking role of a Barista.

For more information contact Patrícia on her email:

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