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Netflix Original 'Tall Girl' falls short of tall expectations

The Tall Girl has been dubbed the coming age film for this generation, but sadly falls Short.

High school can be rough for everyone and throughout the years teen films have presented these struggles through the perspective of the quiet girl or the geek but writer Sam Wolfson has taken it a step further and shown what the torment of high school is like from a new perspective- a tall girl.

One of Netflix’s latest tries at a teen rom com Tall girl has made it clear that if you are a ‘tall girl’ you’re a freak. The film follows 16 year old Jodi (Ava Michelle) and her insecurities surrounding her height, but with her best friend Fareeda’s (Anjelika Washington) quick wit is no match for lame tall jokes. Jack Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck) has had a crush on Jodi since childhood but due to the height difference Jodi sets her sights on someone more her height, but Jodi’s dreams come true when Swedish exchange student Stig (Luke Eisner) joins her class.

The overall message the film tries to convey that everyone struggles in high school whether you were a part of the in crowd or were an outcast but this message is over looked by the Jodie’s insecurities of her height, the message of the film comes across as we all struggle in high school but not as bad as the tall girl. This is seen through the range of low angles throughout the film of Jodi (Ava Michelle) the ‘tall girl’, frames her as a giant even though she is only 6ft 1. Paired with the ‘How’s the weather up there’ jokes Jodi’s height is presented as the worst thing a teenager could face, especially when she wears size 13 mens Nikes.

The film tries so hard to be relatable but it seems the ambition didn’t match up big expectations of 4ft 11 Sam Wolfson.

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