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Are Made in Chelsea producers running out of content for the show?

The show is back in its 18th series, with five episodes already aired, to fill the reality tv shaped holes we have in our lives, after the glorious summer of Love Island. One would expect to see a lot of drama unfolding in the lives of the upper-class who live in the fancy SW3 postocde, but I feel as if this year the show is just not living up to the mark it usually sets.

The season returns with drama of an old favourite, Jamie Laing, where it is revealed that Laing has cheated on Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo with newbie, Rosi Mai Waldon. This is where it is all interesting, as their possible future relationship that was the topic of the last season, is at risk with Laing’s behaviour.

I felt absolutely devastated at the revelation that Jamie had in fact cheated on Habbs, after rooting for the couple the whole of the last season. Also not forgetting the huge risk the pair took, like Jamie betraying Sam Thompson’s trust and pursuing his ex, Habbs.

Knowing the risks taken, as outlined in the entire previous series, I was waiting for more arguments and discussions between the pair before they rekindled. Sadly, they solved their problems in just a couple of episodes.

The series then concentrates on Thompson being upset with Laing and the awful, never ending, love triangle of Miles Nazaire, James Taylor and Maeva D’Ascanio (yawn).

The show seems to be at a dry period where nothing interesting is happening and the same drama is repeating itself. However, with many more episodes to air, there is hope for improvement.

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