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‘You’ won’t be able to stop watching this trashy thriller

When I was asked to write a review of a recent TV show, I could not get the show ‘You’ out of my head. So much to say, too much to say.

Netflix original ‘You’ is based on the psychologically thrilling novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes. The show follows the same storyline of a girl meeting a boy, and the boy is actually a stalker. So, we’ve been told the story before, what’s new? This time we are told from the point of view of the stalker, played by ‘Gossip Girl’s’ Penn Badgley.

The show features a bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg who ends up stalking Guinevere Beck, who visits the book shop on a regular basis.

Important to note, ‘You’ is addictive as you cannot plan what is going to happen next, however it’s also a trashy thriller. Compared to other Netflix originals, like Bird Box which was gripping and had you on the edge of the seat, ‘You’ is a show that would be binged in a day and then forgotten about.

Some aspects of the series are very hard to believe. For example, Guinevere, who is played by Elizabeth Lail has enormous floor to ceiling uncovered windows in which Joe can peer in from the street and sometimes sneaks in, stealing her phone and is just a few feet away from her.

The 10-part series has a cruel sense of humour which makes it compulsively watchable, through Joe’s sardonic narration, but it is totally unbelievable with his human trap in the cellar of the bookstore.

And, according to the show’s social media sites, season two of ‘You’ is “coming soon” after season one was released in December last year.

Whilst the show scares people into changing their online passwords, ‘You’ is totally unbelievable in so many ways and the harsh reality of stalking in the real world, was not portrayed realistically, however, still an enjoyable watch.

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