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Hillingdon Literary Festival kicks off tonight

The Hillingdon Literary Festival begins today (October 4th) for its fifth year at Brunel University and kicks off with a student poetry showcase.

Sebastian Jenner, the festival producer, said: “Tonight we have student performances from the creative writing department. It is a big part of the festival for them to have the opportunity to showcase their work.”

The festival offers a wide range of literary events including discussions from authors, creative writing workshops, debates and performances.

It is a free event that starts at 7pm on the 4th of October and continues all weekend, ending with a local anthology publication party on the 6th of October.

The anthology which was open to both students and the public is a collection loosely themed on the area. This will be handed out for free at the event and copies given to the local libraries.

He said: “We tend to get around 800 people across the whole weekend, many of who do not often go to events like this as some are too expensive or in central London.”

He added they are very lucky to have been sponsored by different groups such as the local council allowing them to run the event for free.

There will be a Poetry Takeaway across the weekend, which allows people to go up to the desk and get a made-to-written, personalised poem.

The event will be held at the Antonin Artaud building at Brunel University London.

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