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It Chapter Two Review: A Drawn-out Yet Fulfilling End To Stephen King’s Story

Audiences may be shaking with fear and anticipation for the return of the It’s murderous clown – but an exhausting runtime and convoluted story takes the air out of this sequel to 2017’s horror smash.

Don’t get me wrong; Chapter Two succeeds in delivering a gratifying ending to Stephen King’s classic novel but cannot quite manage to reach its full potential.

Following the record-breaking success of 2017’s It, the sequel aims to cram even more characters, side-plots and CGI into the hefty two hours 50-minute runtime. While this is standard fare for sequels, it leaves Chapter Two overly bloated when compared to Chapter One.

It Chapter Two brings us back to the town of Derry 27 years after the events of Chapter One, where we follow the Losers Club (now fully-fledged adults) as they return to finally put an end to Bill Skarsgård’s murderous, shape-shifting clown.

While the story just falls short of 2017’s more emotionally driven narrative, the adult versions of the Losers Club do a superb job in each of their respective roles. A special mention goes to Bill Hader’s Richie Tozier, who never fails to bring the laughs.

So, what is Chapter Two’s downfall? Its near three-hour runtime is filled with cumbersome flashbacks and unnecessary sub-plots. The tumultuous pace and confusing narrative means the film is never likely to fully grip the viewer.

However, there are still plenty of reasons for viewers to return to Derry as this sequel retains the dark humour and charming character journeys that made Chapter One the highest-grossing horror film of all time.

Ultimately, It Chapter Two fails to match the highs of its predecessor due to poor pacing and a lack of focus in its writing. Despite its flaws, Chapter Two manages to bring King’s story to a satisfying conclusion by developing the characters in unexpected and meaningful ways. It Chapter Two is an entertaining ride that may outstay its welcome, but nevertheless delivers a fulfilling conclusion for invested viewers.

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