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Boris Johnson’s premiership would 'boost profile of Uxbridge'.

Uxbridge’s profile would be given a boost if Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, it was claimed this week.

That is the view of Brunel graduate Chris Harvie – even though he admits he is not a fan of the former Foreign Secretary.

Mr Harvie, 22, said: “If Boris Johnson won it could give good publicity to Uxbridge.”

However, he also said that he “doesn’t take him seriously” and that all the candidates only want power and that they aren’t interested in the country.

Mr Harvie was one of several people interviewed yesterday in a snap survey by IKB Insider.

Mr Johnson remains the bookmakers’ favourite to become the next Prime Minister after winning the backing of key party figures such as Steve Baker, Ben Wallace and Colin Clark.

The Guardian reports that Boris Johnson has a 69% probability of winning the race. Making, Boris Johnson the likely future leader of the UK.

From our snap sample of interviews conducted, people stated that Mr Johnson was not their favourite to become Prime Minister - however they did say that he was most likely to win.

“Boris Johnson would not make a good Prime Minister, he changes his mind whichever way the wind blows,” said Ann Mulelly,72, from Uxbridge. However, when asked who she believes will win the leadership race she said that she believes Mr Johnson will be successful.

Isobel Brider a sport psychology student at Brunel, 21, took a similar stance saying: “I don’t support the Tories, so I don’t want any of the candidates to be Prime Minister.” However, she also said that she believes Mr Johnson has the popular vote and will probably win.

From the snap sample interviews, we found several constituents were ‘displeased’ with Mr Johnson’s actions as local MP. One interviewee, Noormohammed Hassaan, an international student at Brunel, 19, was unsure if Mr Johnson was the MP for Uxbridge and was more aware of his role as foreign secretary. He was critical of his time as Foreign Secretary and added: “He would make the same mistakes as Prime Minister.”

As far as boosting the profile of Uxbridge, Prime Ministers’ constituencies have tended to historically fall into the limelight. Journalism Lecturer Steve Cohen, who was a trainee journalist in Barnet during the 1980s and met Margaret Thatcher, said: “The fact we had a Prime Minister in Finchley as our MP gave a huge boost to the area whether you liked her or not. Love him or hate him, if Boris Johnson becomes PM, Uxbridge will really be on the world map during his tenure.”

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