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Older people to cut food to pay for TV licence

The Tories are to scrap the free TV Licence for OAPs as the BBC seeks extra funding.

At the same time, nearly one million Brits have cancelled their TV Licence to switch to Netflix.

But why should the OAPs have to cover these costs?

According to Age UK, 29% of those over 75 live just above the poverty line. These are the people who will be affected the most and might lose their right to free entertainment.

Age UK also found that 41.6% of people aged over 75 will not be able to afford TV Licence, having to make cuts to food and heating.

Meanwhile, the BBC has increased the TV Licence from £150.50 to £154.50 from April this year.

Surinder Panesar, 62, said, “I was looking forward to a free TV Licence and now it looks like I won’t be getting it for free, how am I going to afford this?”

An online petition created by Age UK has racked up over 61,000 signatures to save the free licence.

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, said: “TV is a source of great pleasure & comfort to many of the oldest people in our society and it’s a crying shame that millions could soon be faced with choosing between cutting down on food and heating or paying to continue to enjoy it.”


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