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Election fever hits Brunel campus

Complaints have been lodged that Brunel students felt “accosted” by over enthusiastic campaigners during the Union elections.

With the Brunel concourse in full swing with election fever, there are some students who feel that the campaigners went too far in their support for the candidates.

Now the Student Union has told IKB Insider that the complaints have been noted and the issue will be addressed in time for next years election.

One person affected by the behaviour was Hannah Luce, 21, studying Industrial Design, who said: “I was accosted outside the library by a guy trying to get me to vote for him, so I began telling people that I’d already voted just so they would go away. It wasn’t a very positive experience and it made me not want to be on the concourse.”

Telling her experience, Kiah Robinson, 21, studying Industrial Design added: “We were trying to work in the Michael Stirling building, and we could hear all the noise outside. It put you off wanting to vote.”

Concerns were addressed by Barry Cillia, Campus Police Officer, on his Facebook page, ‘Brunel Bobby’: “We have had a few complaints of over enthusiastic canvassing bordering on intimidating by a few people. Let's make sure we all keep it pleasant and within the rules.”

In response to these complaints, Rebecca Davies, Student Voice Manager for the Union of Brunel Students, has admitted: “There have been some complaints of aggressive behaviour, verging on harassment.”

She added: “This has all been noted however, and it will be addressed for the elections next year. It is also important to remember that in comparison to last year, it has been a lot better.”

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