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Teach First solving education inequality on campus

A charity trying to solve the teaching crisis is on-campus this week in a bid to recruit new members.

The charity employs students from all over England and Wales to promote their message and solve education inequality, through a grad scheme.

Teach First has been on campus to inform students about the Leadership Development Program open to final year students.

First hosting a highly popular pick and mix stall in the Bannerman Centre. This created 64 leads and students left with a bag of their favourite sweets and free pens!

During this event the team also informed first and second years student about the Taster and Inspire programs which Teach First offers to them. This invoked a lot of interest as students were keen to boost their CV’s and gain more experience.

To follow this, the team then hosted a pizza lunch in the lecture centre, targeting final year students interested in a career in teaching, this event was highly popular as student left with their appetites full and satisfied with the information they were given.

The on-campus Brand Managers have been giving frequent lecture shout outs to create brand awareness and have been successfully reaching out to students.

Brand Manager Anisa Tasmin said, “I really believe in the Teach First vision and I am grateful for the help Teach First has provided me, which has helped secured me an offer for the Leadership Development Programme. I would like to help others in finding a programme that suits them!”

They also plan to organise more fun informative events in the future.

To keep up with more events follow Teach First on, Instagram, Snap Chat, and Facebook: @TeachFirstBru

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