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Uxbridge Christmas Market brings Hillingdon together

As residents flock to Uxbridge town centre to celebrate the Christmas festivities some will be surprised to learn that the Christmas market currently residing along the high-street showcases the work of small Hillingdon based craftspeople and businesses.

The market includes an array of wooden chalets illuminated with Christmas lights, where you will find stall owners offering a host of goods made by craftsmen that make stunning and unique gifts for friends or family. Some of the stalls include handmade hats, scarves and gloves followed by an assortment of confectionaries to tame the biggest of sweet teeth.

Kim Bond, 59 the owner of Kimmies Kraft’s who alongside her spot on the Christmas market also hires a stall within the pavilion said: “One of the nice things about the Christmas markets is that until I did this I didn’t actually realise that the people that do this market are local to Hillingdon”.

She added: “ I think the coming together of the community for the lights to be turned on shows what sort of community we are, events like this are what we need, we need more local businesses to be visible out here and across Hillingdon. The important thing is that the community is here which shows that if you put something on for the community, the community will support it.”

Phillip Basset 57, who mages the Christmas market says “What we try to do is to have more people coming from Hillingdon to hire the shale so as we expand we can have different crafts people and artists from around Hillingdon. I have been trying for eight years to host this Christmas market, it was somehow difficult to convince people and the local authorities but I think people vote with their feet we have a very good feedback from customers everybody is happy that this is happening in uxbridge and our work within the community.”

Make sure to visit before Monday as this weekend is your last chance to be amongst the Uxbridge Christmas magic.

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