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Baker Doughs Out Over £10,000 In Hygiene Offences

A bakery has been shut down by after health officers witnessed rusty can openers, greasy trays and dirty bread crates.

Santhru Bakery, West End Road, Ruslip, was prosecuted by Hillingdon Council after health officers found customers were put at risk of food poisoning from “poorly maintained and dirty” equipment and “inadequate” food safety management.

Mr Santhru Srikandakannanathan - the owner of the premises - pleaded guilty to five food hygiene offences and has been ordered to pay over £10,000 in fines.

Mr Srikandakannanathan, of Findhorn Avenue, Hayes, appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on Monday 4 December and was found guilty of five offences with each having resulted in a £1,750 fine. He was also fined £1,456 in court costs and £170 in a victim surcharge lea

ding to a total of £10,376 in fines.

The bakery suffered from a variety of problems. The premises were poorly looked after, resulting in a dirty working environment which put the food products at risk of contamination, leading to the risk of food poisoning for the customer, according to Hillingdon Council.

It was also found that Mr Srikandakannanathan failed to supervise his staff while they handled food, in addition to him not providing sufficient training to those he hired.

This comes after Mr Srikandakannanathan ignored repeated warnings and advice from council representatives without sufficient progress towards improved conditions, according to Hillingdon Council.

Councillor Philip Corthorne, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, warned other businesses of the precautions that will be taken against them if high hygiene standards are failed to be upheld. He said: "Although the bakery is no longer open, conditions were so poor in the kitchen, and the risk of food contamination so high, that we had a duty to follow the prosecution through. I hope other businesses in a similar position get the message that closing down or selling up won't get them off the hook."


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