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Brunel’s first sensory room set to help students' wellbeing

The moving image of a giant turtle floating through a bright blue ocean is something you may normally only associate with a David Attenborough TV show.

But this is now a feature of a sensory room at Brunel University – and, according to experts, could be of major benefit to students with mental health issues.

Dr Lesley Collier, Brunel occupational therapy researcher, says moving images are therapeutic, stress-relieving and calming.

One in four students suffer from mental health problems, according to YouGov.

A sensory room develops a person’s senses through lights, colours and sounds, it allows students to interact with the world around them in a safe environment.

This space was designed by Emma Peacock BA in industrial design and technology for her final-year project on a brief from Brunel’s Disability and Dyslexia Service. Emma said: “I am pleased the Sensory room has come to life.”

Ellie Mabbutt, social media manager for design group Made in Brunel, said: “We couldn’t be prouder knowing that one of our alumni has helped Brunel be the first university to have sensory room.”

Raven Pratt, Brunel’s head of student wellbeing, said: “This space is a unique and valuable resource for our students where their overall wellbeing and mood will be improved.”

For more information about the Sensory Room email:

Picture: Brunel University London

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