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Brunel Students boycott Topshop

Topshop customers are threating to boycott the well-known high-street brand. The move comes after Thursdays speech in parliament in which Lord Hain named Sir Phillip Green as the businessman accused by a newspaper of sexual and racial harassment. IKB Insider asked Brunel students their opinions on the situation and if they will continue to support Topshop.

Jess Logan, 18 who studies product design said: “I haven’t heard any claims against the owner of Topshop but I enjoy shopping there and I will probably continue to shop there until hear more about it.”

Josie Gwen Evans 19, who is running for presidency for the Intersexual Feminism Society said: “In theory I would like to stop shopping there but at the same time it’s not a reflection on the company, I am also running for presidency for the intersexual feminist society so obviously if the company supports the owner then I wouldn’t shop there again but if the company speaks out against him then I would reconsider”

Danielle Cropley 19, who studies industrial design and is a dedicated shopper of Topshop has said: “I wouldn’t say I’m going to stop shopping there but it makes you see the company in another light, we are at a time where things that have in the past are being uncovered so you never know who will be outed next.”

Sherry Daryanani 20, International business student said: “I would never associate the brand with the owner, I enjoy shopping there and like the clothes so I wouldn’t boycott the brand because I don’t associate the brand with the owner.”

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