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Should smokers be shamed on campus?

Smoking Cigarette

Photo :Pexels

Staff and students at Brunel University have mixed reactions to the idea of shaming smokers with some branding it an “extreme” measure.

Wakefield’s Pinderfields Hospital has brought in a scheme where people who ignore no-smoking signs are punished through loud speaker announcements. Brunel University, West London has allocated smoking zones restricted to specific areas across the campus. However, these rules are often ignored. When asked whether Brunel should implement similar measures as in Wakefield, Alana, a Student Union representative said, “as a non-smoker, it’s not nice being around people smoking all around the campus, an enforcement would be better”. Others felt that the concept of shaming is “irrelevant”. Smoker Andrew Smith, who is the manager of Antonin Artaud Building said, “we would never have the capacity to do that, it would cost more money to do that”.

Some were concerned about the possible implications to the right to free choice. Graham Shaw, Senior Technician for Music and Theatre said, “you shouldn’t shame someone just because they are a smoker but, they may need to be gently reminded of the rules; shaming outright is a bit extreme.

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