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World Egg Day: How eggstraordinary!

Being an egg-cellent choice of protein, families around the world eat eggs regularly in their diet and today marks World Egg Day. According to the International Egg Commission this day was first created in 1996, to help raise awareness of their nutritional benefits to the human body. But how do people like to eat them?

The majority of students at Brunel say they enjoy their eggs sunny side up, having them fried in the morning, whereas others enjoy theirs scrambled.

Beatriz Silva 20, an English and Creative Writing student, said: “I like it with some oregano, salt and pepper.”.

Although today is one of the most cracking days of the year, not everyone is boiled with the subject. Duty manager at Costa, Gusztav Czimre 31 had no idea that it was World Egg today and that “no one asked for egg sandwiches in particular”.

Edwina Currie, (former Tory junior health minister) started a controversy in 1988 that most eggs contained salmonella. She later stated that she misspoke and wanted to say ‘much’ instead of ‘most’. This led her to resign, but the scare still lasted.

Firas Al- Hasayni 22, a Computer Science student said: “I don’t like eggs. They make me nauseous.” Whilst, Caluser Alina, 22 said: “I’m not scared of salmonella, I wash my eggs.”.

But does washing your eggs prevent the risk of salmonella? The Food Standards Agency says that most food poisoning can be prevented, if we follow the 4Cs- Chilling, Cleaning, Cooking and by avoiding Cross Contamination. More information about these can be found on their website:

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