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Royal wedding?.. What Royal wedding?

Students Meher Hider and Lavanya Manocha took part in the snap survey on campus

Royal Wedding fever may be gripping the nation, as Princess Eugenie ties the knot with Jack Brooksback, but Brunel University students appear to be totally apathetic to the royals.

Following a snap survey on campus, it was found that most students were unaware that there was a Princess Eugenie and that she was getting married.

Meher Hider, an international business masters student, and Lavanya Manocha, a brand management masters student, were oblivious to the royal wedding and did not recognise Prince Andrew’s daughter by name.

Lavanya said that she did care about the royal wedding and that she thought the Royal family were important to the country saying: “The monarchy is important and should be celebrated”.

Gyanedra Rai, studying computer engineering at Bournemouth University, knew that there was a Royal wedding taking place and that it was Princess Eugenie getting married, but thought that the Royal family was unimportant to his life generally. Gyanedra said: “The Royal family was not particularly important in the scheme of things.”

Husan Thapa, a sports science undergraduate, knew nothing about the day’s events and found them uninteresting.

Jamie Whittle, game design student, said he knew that there was a Royal wedding today and also knew who Princess Eugenie is. Jamie said that Royal family is good for tourism, but he doesn’t particularly care about them.

Linda, a business management student, said that she was aware of the Royal wedding and who was getting married but also admitted that she doesn’t think that the Royal family are that important in the bigger picture of the country.

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