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Brunel students protest against caged chickens on World Egg Day.

Brunel students have marked World Egg Day today by protesting against caged chickens.

Students such as Ma Yue, 21, of English and F&T Studies said: “I think to some extent it’s a good way to keep chickens but you should sometimes give them freedom, I would rather buy free range eggs.”

World Egg Day was created in 1996 by the International Egg Commission. It is celebrated every year on the second Friday of October, on this day people praise its excellence, source of protein and role of feeding people.

Other people have also objected.

“It is wrong and its inhumane,” says Beatriz Silva, 20, of English and creative writing.

Sanjay Vanjani, 23, doing Global Supply Chain, said: “Chickens should be brought up better than the situations they are in now.”

However, Caulser Alina,22, working at Starbucks, Brunel, said: “If animals are caged or not, I don’t care.”

Europe is to be thanked for Britain’s Welfare Reform Act 2012, for farmed pigs and chickens, such as banning battery hens.

This September, the European Commission registered a new European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) called End the Cage Age, which aims to put an end to industrial animal farming mainly the cage.

After Brexit, the position is less clear, as the EU laws currently protect British animals from cruelty.

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