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Brunel Lacrosse Team “Russell” Up Crushing First Win

Brunel’s Lacrosse Team kicked off the season with a spectacular 16-0 win over Chichester University.

Only 30 seconds into the first quarter, Jack Featherston scored the first goal and only 90 seconds later, Russell Farrer followed up with another goal. The team kept the good flow going through the whole game and ended with a solid win in their first match of the year.

Brunel’s captain, James Juxon was very pleased with the team and what they achieved together. He said: “To me, overall it was a great game. It was a hot day, sometimes unbearable with the level of play going on and intensity being put in with team.”

As it is a new year, there are quite a few new players on the team, but they all worked well together. Juxon believes it went well for the team because of how they train together on and off the pitch. He said: “We have always had a good level of social cohesion which in turn pushes each other to better for one another. The Freshers have passion and willingness to improve. The task -based learning is amazing and I could not be prouder of their performance on the day.”

The tradition after each match is to nominate a “Man of the match” based on who played best. Russell Farrer got the title “Man of the match” for good hustle and for being the top goal scorer.

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