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Arts @ Artaud

Photo by Pixabay

Students and staff at Brunel University will be performing at a series of events this month (October) ‘Arts@Artaud,’ to celebrate Brunel’s multi-disciplinary contemporary arts courses.

Student comperes and DJs will introduce a line-up of acts that will include a specially curated variation of film, music, theatre. Hoping to create an informal and friendly atmosphere, refreshments will be served throughout the evening for the artists and the audience.

Arts@Artaud seeks to represent the best new artistic work at Brunel, both by students and staff – music, film, creative writing, poetry, drama and dance. The platform is also an excellent opportunity for networking and finding collaborations for future projects and to gain feedback for any works in progress.

The first show will be held on Wednesday 17th October 2018, consisting of three works of spoken word in very different styles from students Chloe Perrin, Caren Duhig (Playing Mum) and Ruchaed Mejias-Puckerin (Think Twice). In addition, there will be musical performances from pianist and singer Lily Chapman, singer/songwriter Kemi Oyeleye, as well as Ziv Bachar who will be performing an original poem and improvised piano.

Other acts include a scene from ‘Waiting for Godot’ by a group of first year theatre students and showcased abstract art by Charlie Cordoba. Augmented reality poetry by Suzie Gray, will be shown via a phone camera app.

Performances will be held in ANTR001, with acts taking place around the room.

Auditions will be held before every event, which allows for skills development in production, promotion and curation. Check out their Facebook page for more information, search for Arts@Artaud.

The events are due to start at 7.30pm on the following dates:

Wednesday 14th November 2018

Wednesday 6th February 2019

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Enjoy the evenings with free admission to the events! For any more information, contact

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