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Union of Brunel Students going to Pride

Brunel Students will get to take part in London Pride for the first time ever in its 46-year history.

With the Pride in London Parade scheduled to take place on July 7th, 30 Brunel Students will get to attend the iconic march for the first time under the Union of Brunel Students banner.

Brunel LGBT Society Banner

This means that the Union of Brunel will be one of many groups marching in the Parade this year, including sponsors such as the Mayor of London, Transport for London, Barclays and Playstation.

Outgoing LGBT Society Chair David Bunce has expressed that he is “delighted that Brunel is going to be part of the Pride March this year” and added: “It gives us a great chance to… also join a cause greater than ourselves.”

For more contact lgbt.officer@brunel or @cayla_flower on twitter

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