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High LGBTea at the Vicarage

Charlie Hobbes and Carolina Brinkmann enjoying a cup of tea

The Brunel LGBT society enjoyed high tea on Wednesday with the Brunel chaplain.

The event, which was a celebration of this year’s hard work in the society and academic studies, was laid on by the Brunel chaplain, Priest Sally Hitchiner, at her parish home.

Charlie Hobbes, 21, said, ‘it was really lovely and sunny, the chaplain is so great for doing this.’

Finn Milhouse, 20, said, ‘as the incoming chair of the society, and LGBT union officer elect, I hope to repeat this event next year, and wish to thank Sally for her hard work today and throughout the year in support of our society.’

The society’s committee attended, and the committee elect are proposing to repeat the event next year.

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