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Turnout increases to 38.31% in Hillingdon elections

The turnout for the 2018 council election has risen by nearly 4% compared to the last elections.

Returning officer Lloyd White announced that the total turnout for this election was 38.31%, higher than the 2014 election which only had a just over 35% turnout.

Photo Credit: Amy Harrison

However, the turnout in comparison to the general election last year is a far cry from the two-third turnout in the 2017 general election.

Leader of the Hillingdon Labour Party Peter Curling said: “Hopefully it’s a good sign because an increased turnout, it is either an indicator that you got more people out or that the Conservatives got more people out.”

Cllr Curling sited the EU Referendum and the last general election as the reason for the public’s increased interest in politics. He added that this was a good thing.

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