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MPs help canvas West Drayton

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn walked around Hillingdon, knocking on doors and posting letters, as part of Labour’s campaign before this week’s local election.

Photo Credits: Nicholas Frakes

Mr Corbyn was accompanied by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Secretary for Communities Andrew Gwynne.

They went to West Drayton to try to help local Labour councillors gain more support for the coming election.

The campaign began at the Com. Café where Mr Corbyn spoke and took pictures with residents.

Next, the MPs drove to Bell Farm Christian Centre before heading out to knock on doors.

The three MPs split up after visiting the Christian centre to speak with people at their homes about what Labour has to offer them.

However, not many people were home while they were canvasing, so Mr Corbyn put leaflets through the mail slot as to still put their message out.

Ella Elliot, a West Drayton resident, said: “I actually voted for Jeremy Corbyn at the last election, so to see him in my hometown was reassuring that he cares about people in this small town too.”

Hillingdon Council has been under Conservative control since 2006, but this year’s election is expected to be close.

Once Conservative controlled areas, such as Uxbridge South, are being challenged by Labour candidates who have seen an increase in support over the past eight years.

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