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Strike goes on after lecturers reject proposed deal

Universities will be hit with a 14 day second wave of strikes in exam season after the union representing universities that are affected by strikes rejected the proposed deal.

A statement was released by UCU at 4pm today, confirming to IKB Insider that the strikes are ongoing.

Bosses, employers and lecturers all met at today’s meeting at the UCU headquarters but could not agree with the University representatives.

It was proposed that only the first £42,000 of their salary was to be retained, whilst the money added up each year is also reduced with the UCU describing it as ‘unacceptable’.

UCU were particularly disappointed at the employers’ refusal to take more risk by shifting their position.

UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt stated: “Branches made it clear today that they will reject the proposal. UCU’s greatest strength is that we are run by and for our members and it is right that members have the final say.”

“The strike action for this week remains on and we will now make detailed preparations for strikes over the assessment and exam period. We want urgent talks with the Universities representatives to try to find a way to get this dispute resolved.”

This puts negotiations at an ultimate stand still as we wait for further talks to take place.

IKB insider will update this story when we get a comment from the University's Union.

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