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Hillingdon Tories heading for most difficult election in years

Hillingdon Tories are facing a tough battle in the upcoming council election after being in control of the borough for 20 years, according to a YouGov survey.

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Labour currently holds 23 out of the 65 seats in Hillingdon, but leader of the Labour group in Hillingdon Council, Peter Curling expresses that he is confident they can get more seats: “There is a real feeling on the ground that Labour could finally take back control. Our feeling on the ground is that this council is really one to watch during the upcoming local elections. For a decade, the Conservatives have prided themselves on not increasing council tax and maintaining the same services. But this isn’t what we’re hearing on the doorstep, nor what we’re seeing in the south of the borough.”

Cllr Raymond Puddifoot has been the leader of Hillingdon Council since year 2000 and is the longest serving Council Leader in the history of the borough, but is now facing maybe the toughest election since elected.

Hillingdon is not the only area where the Conservatives are in danger of losing control. According to the polls, Tory flagship boroughs such as Barnet, Wandsworth and Westminster is all forecasted to be defeated by Labour. Even Kensington and Chelsea, which has been in the control of the Conservative party for over 50 years could potentially be under threat, post-Grenfell.

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