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Business as usual for Oxfam in Uxbridge Town Centre despite international sex scandal

Despite the international Oxfam sex scandal, it is still business as usual for the Uxbridge branch in the town centre.

Outreach workers were this week still canvassing the town centre to recruit volunteers and donors from members of the public.

IKB Insider visited the charity’s local on Uxbridge High Street where it was looking busy in the shops.

Volunteers working in the store directed us to their headquarters where spokesman Harriet Hernando told us: “We are determined that the millions of people that Oxfam helps worldwide every year don’t suffer as a result of the actions of a few.”

However, the public confidence in Nationwide Oxfam is wavering. Figures released from the charity showed that over the weekend between Saturday and Monday they received 1270 direct debit cancellations, where the average number of cancellations are 600 per month.

In a series of allegations, first published by The Times a week ago, Oxfam workers were accused of sexual misconduct during aid operations in Haiti.

Oxfam is an international charity working to fight poverty and advance women’s rights.

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