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Brunel Takeaway Lovers Get a Pizza Good News!

Brunel students are about to get a taste of what is believed to be the first onsite delivery service on campus.

IZZI’s Pizzas, one of Brunel University’s food franchises, has now announced its new delivery service for campus residents. This will start from Monday 12th January.

Project manager Jon Payne, who works for the catering company on site, said: “We’re fairly new to Brunel, we’ve only been the caterer here for the last 6 - 9months. When we joined we put a number of proposals together for the University and one of them was to deliver pizzas to all the students on campus and we finally got around to launching it.”

During the company’s promotional launch today on campus, it offered students a free slice of pizza in exchange for completion of a short survey.

“We’re doing a survey on one of our other units today, which is the Junction. It’s just to see what people think of the service and value for money. It’s been very well received so far,” said Mr Payne.

The delivery service hours are between 5 pm and 12 am Monday – Friday, and 5 pm – 10 pm on Sundays. Delivery options do not include the ‘personal’ pizzas, it’s only large size or bigger and the minimum delivery spend is £10. Also, this service does not deliver beyond Brunel University Campus

“For the moment, we are only taking telephone orders. In the medium term, we are going to develop an app and it will all be done in an app style,” said Mr Payne.

Charlene Bruno, volunteer at the launch today said,” The delivery service is all over campus and we’ve got a cool bike too, which is pretty awesome!

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