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Long live the Queen?

In the wake of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle, journalist Nicholas Frakes asked people around Brunel University if they believe that the monarchy is outdated or still relevant today.

Mike Halliday, 44, who works in business relations, of Erleigh in Reding felt even stronger about the Monarchy. “Absolutely. It represents a strong bond between Commonwealth countries.

It’s good for international relations,” he stated adamantly.

Yanan Li, 23, a student majored in design of Brunel university stated: “Yes. I love prince Harry.” She also added that they are entertaining to watch on the television.

Anamarie Read, 60, a library assistant from Langey Road in Berkshire said: “Yes. I think it unifies us. They have modernised a lot.”

Rafael Araujo, 18, a nursery assistant from Topping Lane in Uxbridge stated: “No. It’s okay because it’s a tourist thing, but to rule the country it’s outdated.”

Andrej Bartos, 20, a student from Langton Road in Central London believes: “It’s not too bad. It works.”

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