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'I'd rather have Trump as PM than Boris'

Credit: Andrew Parsons

Boris Johnson may be a hot favourite to become the next Tory party leader after Theresa May - but the opinion of some of residents in his Uxbridge constituency is less favourable.

IKB has conducted ten interviews on Brunel University's campus which shows that not only do some consider the Foreign Secretary to be unsuitable for the role as Prime minister, but they also predict that the current one will not last very long.

"Boris Johnson is like a massive chicken."

“I’ll give her 6 months maximum,” said Sheay Ceteve, 21, of Windsor street. The opinion on having the Foreign Secretary take over instead is just as clear: “Boris Johnson is like a massive chicken - I’d rather have Donald Trump as Prime Minister than him.”

“If I had to back someone from the Tory party, I would rather back Philip Hammond,” said James Carney, 39, of Squilchey Lane. “I think that Boris Johnson is attractive to people personally, but they would distrust his competence in a serious position.”

The Foreign Secretary’s own 4000-word Brexit manifesto where he flatly contradicted the government’s position has led his fellow party members to question his loyalty, and the opinion among students seems to be gravitating in the same direction - some believe he will never run for the leadership position at all, despite the latest odds being 5/1.

“I don’t think it’s on his agenda,” said Casey Clifford, 21, of Bosanquet Close. “Even though it is a big opportunity, he will ruin everything if he messes it up. I think he will try to run it from the back, but not as a public figure like he has been in the past.”

Mr. Johnson has recently overtaken David Davis as the most likely candidate for the leadership role who currently ranks at 6/1.

The Foreign Secretary and Brexit Secretary are closely followed by Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Brexit Campaigner, with odds of 7/1, and Chancellor Philip Hammond with odds of 14/1.

Keep an eye on the latest numbers here and have your say on whether Mr. Johnson should take over the leadership @IKB_insider.

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