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Fingopay goes offline after technical issues

Credit: Nicholas Frakes

Hundreds of Brunel students will be temporarily unable to pay for their groceries at Costcutter using the new Fingopay system due to reported technological issues.

The Costcutter market at Brunel University, London became the first supermarket to use the finger vein payment system created by the company Sthaler. More than 900 students are currently signed up for the programme and Sthaler expects thousands more to join.

A spokesman for Sthaler told IKB that: “On Thursday, we decided to temporarily de-activate the Fingopay device at Costcutter in order to fix a minor technical issue. We’re working hard to ensure that Fingopay will be back online on early next week.” The spokesperson did not specify the technical issue.

The company had been promoting their first product and having students sign up since its release in September when the system was taken temporarily offline.

According to an employee at Costcutter, the system has not been “working for just this week” and that “it’s just a technological issue.”

A Brunel student, Denise, 21, stated that she “will use it [Fingopay] if it starts working. It’s my finger, you know, so I won’t lose it.”

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